Awesome Activities and Attractions You Can Enjoy in Victoria

There are a lot of things you can do and enjoy in Victoria. Both locals and tourists love this side of Australia not just because of the beautiful and pristine beaches, but because it also has many budget-friendly and free activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. 


However, if this is your first time visiting, then here are some of the places you shouldn’t miss. The list is a bit long, but it’s definitely worth it!


Experience the Attractions

For tourists looking to enjoy the outdoors, then you’re in for a treat. Activities for adrenaline junkies, visit the Wildplay Element Parks, Drena Line Zipline Adventure Tours, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. See the beauty of nature by visiting the Victoria Bug Zoo Inc., Victoria Butterfly Gardens, and Prince of Whales Whale Watching. Lastly, see the beauty of Victoria’s flora and fauna and visit the Gardens at HCP. 


Immerse with the Culture and History

The first stop is the Christ Church Cathedral, which is a historic landmark in Victoria. It is a Gothic-style cathedral that you can visit three times a week, with its scheduled tours. After immersing with the beautiful interiors, enjoy the nightlife and enjoy the locals. You can also visit the Government House Victoria, Thunderbird Park, Tod House, and see the Homecoming Statue. 


There are many things you can do here, and the first step is to visit the Swans Brewery Pub and Hotel, which has stunning architecture and views. Enjoy and jam with the locals at the Upstairs Cabaret, the Duke Salon, or keep it cool at the Harmann’s Jazz Club. Honestly, the colorful culture and life here makes you want to look for house and land packages in Victoria!


Outdoors and Sports

Yes, Victoria also has other things and activities to offer, aside from its world-class beaches and surfing spots. One of the tourist favorites is the Springtide Whale Watching and Eco Tours. You can join a team of professional fishing charters and see one of the best ocean life. After the beach, visit Woolshed, Steavenson, or Hopkins Falls and enjoy the view. 


Park Attractions

Start slowing down the tour by visiting the parks. On top of your list should be Thunderbird Park. Totem Poles In Beacon Hill Park, McMicking Park, and Bastion Square. Don’t forget to drop by these parks and attractions and see both locals and tourists interact and appreciate the beauty of Victoria. 


Guided Tours

Mingle with other tourists and share your experiences by joining a guided tour. Some of the most loved tours include the Victoria Harbour Free Company, Springtide Whale Watching, Harbour Air Seaplanes, Gray Line Sightseeing Victoria, and CVS Tours. 


These tours have different things and experiences to offer. However, there is a tour for everyone, so make sure to book one you love and get as much information as you can about tourism in Victoria

So, if you are looking to enjoy Victoria, we recommend all the activities above! Or, if you’re thinking of taking the next step to move and grow your family, then check out AVID Property Group- check it out here. They offer great house and land packages in Victoria.

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