5 Things to Do in Caloundra with Your Family

Friends and families, if you are looking for a new holiday destination, then you have got to add Caloundra as one of your options. It is located on the Sunshine Coast, which is at the southern end of Queensland. It has some of the finest beaches in Australia. Nonetheless, it’s also home to some best green sceneries. 

People love visiting Caloundra because it has complete and majestic scenery. It brings people closer because of its charm, and it’s also a perfect backdrop for a romantic etaway.

 Have Awesome Breakfast

Before you start your day at the beach, make sure to get the best cup of coffee. Visit the Coffee Cat on Kings for their flavorsome coffees. Don’t forget to try their Quinoa Nasi Goreng and Shakshuka breakfast. The next day, get your breakfast at White Picket Fence for the coffee and dainty interior. We recommend that you order the house deposit, an avocado toast with their signature flavor. Lastly, Pocket Espresso for their locally sourced food and incredible coffee. 

Enjoy the Beach

We’ve mentioned Golden Beach, and this time, you also need to head to Kawana, Caloundra Coastal Path. Tourists and locals love to bask under the sun and be near the beach in Caloundra. You can take a dip and even surf or fish with your friends and family! For those who want some thrill in the ocean, you can also enjoy skydiving, go-karting, and even skydiving. 

Kings Beach is voted as the 18th best beach in the country by Trip Advisor, and it never disappoints. Another go-to beach is the Moffat and Bulcock beaches, which are best for swimming and kitesurfing. 

Visit the Queensland Air Museum

Also known as the QAM, it is managed by volunteers passionate about preserving the country’s Aviation heritage. The museum houses 94 historically significant aircraft. These aircraft have been sourced, rebuilt, and maintained by the volunteers of QAM. 

They also have events and even weekend cockpit weekends. Kids and adults can have their time in the pilot’s seat and experience, even for a few seconds, piloting an idle plane, of course. 

So, if you are looking for land for sale close to Caloundra for you to enjoy more of the scenery and history, then start your search today. 

Have Fun with the Locals

Once you’re done basking under the sun, start enjoying with the locals with some of the popular bars in the area. The first stop is the Drift Bar, which has live music every week and, of course, a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. The next stop is the Amici restaurant, an Italian restaurant that will definitely be a favorite of every wine lover. For beer lovers, you can also drop by at Moffat Beach Brewing with a fresh menu, desserts, and of course, craft beers!

Schedule Your Trip During the Street Fair

One of the most popular weekend fairs is the Caloundra Street Fair. It has more than 100 unique artists, stalls, live entertainment, and food! There’s always a healthy attendance here because it brings people together. 

Don’t hesitate to try all the food that you can. Make sure to enjoy the entertainment as well as the crafts sold in the market. Remember, support the locals!

Enjoy Caloundra today and, if ever you see yourself falling in love with the place, get a property now check it out here


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