Werribee 101 — Everything You Need to Know About Melbourne’s Popular Suburb

For a long time, Werribee has had a reputation of being the best, affordable suburb to live in. So much so, that for some, it’s difficult to believe all of the good word that surrounds it. To settle this debate once and for all, we’re going to talk about all aspects of Werribee, so you can make an informed decision about it for yourself.


Introduction to Werribee

Werribee is located 32 kilometres southwest of Melbourne’s CBD and boasts a population of around 40,000. It’s situated on the Werribee River and is both the administrative and most populous centre of Wyndham. 

Because of its position, population, and role, it makes a lot of sense that Werribee is an incredibly sought-after location in the NSW region.

The suburb is also a popular tourist spot, with attractions such as the Victoria State Rose Garden, Werribee Park (and its National Equestrian Centre), as well as the Open Range Zoo.

Additionally, the suburb is home to the Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre, which is popular with both residents and visitors alike.


Hard-Working Community

Since its early days in the mid 19th century, Werribee has been known as an agricultural settlement. Many considered the tiny suburb to be the backbone of the economy, partly because its name is derived from the Aboriginal word for “spine” or “backbone”.

This proud tradition has continued well into the 20th, and 21st century, with the suburb experiencing constant growth. In recent years, it has developed into the ultimate commuter suburb, with many job seekers and working professionals living here.

To make living in Werribee even more convenient, there’s an extensive network of buses, as well as two railway stations. Thus, the residents can enjoy an easy commute to both the larger cities, and the neighbouring suburbs.


The Housing Market

Werribee is so popular and talked about, that it’s hard to believe that the housing market has been as stable as it is. Luckily, the development of real estate has kept up with demand, and each resident can find a good home that fits into their budget. 

There are plenty of homes and apartments available for both purchase and rent, as well as land for sale Werribee. Thus, the suburb is still attracting a lot of investors, with new houses, buildings and entire neighbourhoods still being planned and built.


A Great Place to Raise Your Family

Werribee isn’t just all work and no play. On the contrary, the suburb is full of young families with little children running around the quiet streets and well-kept parks. Part of the reason behind this is that there are countless educational facilities, both privately and publicly owned. 

There are primary, secondary and combined schools, as well as tertiary education options, provided by several TAFE campuses.


Final Thoughts

As you’ve hopefully come to realize by now, there are several reasons why Werribee is so talked about and popular among people from all sorts of backgrounds and goals. Whether you’re looking for a better work-life balance, fun activities, exciting opportunities or inexpensive real estate — Werribee is the place to be.

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