Rehabilitation is a treatment for physical disabilities via massage and electrotherapy or exercises. It is a process of helping an individual who is suffering from illness for prolong period or sudden injury by restoring the lost skills so that they can regain back their self–sufficiency.

The benefit of this treatment is the person can walk and speak clearly without any barriers again even after a stroke. In simple words, rehabilitation act as a treatment that brings back their normal after an injury or illness. There are different types of rehabilitation techniques that include cardiac, stroke, mental health, physical, kidney, tobacco, stress, alcohol, drug, spinal cord, vocational, traumatic brain injury, cognitive, criminal, and lot more.

When a patient undergoes any sort of operation, he is recommended to take bed rest for some days. At the same time, a physician keeps an eye on the body movement for further improvements. Apart from a physician, hospital authorities appoint some professionals to help those patients through a rehabilitation process that makes them do their routine activities as soon as possible. Along with this process, the professional workers also undergo some paper works to observe the daily movements and medicines that are undergone for the speedy recovery. This is how the rehabilitation treatment works out.