The Best Baby Carriers

I think we all know that no baby carrier will replace an actual person holding a child.

But we also know that a 20 pound child can get very heavy after a while. So it’s time to give your biceps a rest, and invest in the best baby carrier.

Top 3 Carriers

Rather than listing 20 different products for you to choose from, we have narrowed our choices down to just 3. These are the best selling carriers and our reviews will tell you why.


Ergobaby four position carrierCarriers from Ergobaby are the best.

They receive excellent reviews, and have a wide selection of products.

As the name suggests, they’re also very comfortable. Not only are they comfortable for your baby, but also for you. This is extremely important, and really one of the main things to look for.

The Ergobaby Original has great support, and soft padding for you and your child. It does a great job at distributing the weight of your child throughout the entire carrier. The design is excellent.

What’s great about this particular carrier is that you can position your child in 4 positions: Front (inward and outward), back and side (hip).

You might not think this is really important, as you won’t be changing from one position to the other, however you’ll find that everyone and every baby has a preference (which will change from time to time). Some babies don’t like to be facing forward, whiles others will cry non stop unless they can see what’s happening. So having this feature is great, as your child’s preferences can change a lot during the first few years.


babybjorn miracle carrierThe BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle is another great choice, and is our second recommendation.

It also has an ergonomic design which is very comfortable for you and your child. The reason we don’t rank it number 1 is because it does not have a side position, and is designed for children up to 26 pounds, where the Ergobaby can hold children up to 33 pounds.

The BabyBjorn comes in a cotton fabric, and a more breathable mesh material. If you live in a hot climate area, then this mesh can be very beneficial.


woman using a baby wrap from BobaFor those who don’t want to spend very much money, and are looking for a carrier for babies under 20 pounds, a baby wrap is recommended.

No buckles or straps, and it’s super easy to take on and off. Because of the material, it’s very easy to get a perfect fit when using a wrap like this. It can also be cleaned very easily.

Although it can be very secure, it may require some adjustments. Compared to the other products which have basically one setting (with multiple positions), you might need a bit of practice to get the perfect fit.

For those on a tighter budget, this is highly recommended, but keep in mind it’s best for smaller babies. It’s not useful for babies over 20 pounds.